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Masquerade: Motivation, Illusion, and Loneliness

My theatrical background is both reflective of who I used to be, as well as responsible for shaping me into the person I am today. I thirst for art. The kind that makes you feel truly alive with the glorious… Continue Reading →

Every caker needs a Michelle

My presence on Yelp is new this year. Yelp continues to receive mixed reviews from small business owners about their customer service, but along with business growth, we can expect to do a certain amount of venturing outside our comfort… Continue Reading →

Dia de los Muertos or Faith and the X-Files

Don’t tell my mother… I am not a religious person. Despite Mom’s best efforts, attending church every Sunday and enrolling me in Catechism did not set me up for a life devoted to the Catholic faith. When I went away… Continue Reading →

The Internet’s New Favorite Unicorn Cake

It’s no secret that unicorns are all the rage right now. Everywhere you look, there’s an excuse to make something rainbow colored and sparkly. From cakes and beverages, to bed sheets and pajamas, it’s nearly impossible to escape the entourage… Continue Reading →

“Just a simple cake”

Ok, I’m gonna be real with you right now. Like, embarrassingly real. The kind of real that makes me want to revoke my “Cake Ninja” status… I struggle with making “simple” designs.  I, literally, do not know how to think… Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to CakeSafe: Adventures in Project Scale Down

NOTE: I was originally planning to email this letter to the company, but my use of visual aids rendered my message too large. I have instead invited them to view my letter on this platform.  If you are unfamiliar with… Continue Reading →


Yes, I’m alive!  And still baking! 🙂  Barrage of photos and updates to follow soon!

It’s gonna be a Happy New Year!

Taking into account that I am a former theatre nerd, brownie points to anyone who can catch the title reference.  Aaaaand GO! My friend/mentor/womanofallworldlyknowledge Jeanie, has a tradition called the New Years Eve Eve party.  That’s the night *before* the… Continue Reading →

The Weekend of Fundraisers

Three orders, all due on a Saturday. I knew this production week was going to be full. The kind of full that forces you to schedule every minute of your day, without even 5 minutes of wiggle room. This is… Continue Reading →

Allison’s Adventures In the Twilight Saga: The San Jose Tech Museum’s Premiere Party!

Please check back:-) Pictures coming soon!!!

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