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Giraffe & Koala Proposal Cake

“Floyd the Giraffe” (aka Aarash) loves his “Koala” (aka Leona) and asked for a cake to help him propose. Almond cake, apricot jam and chocolate buttercream. The animal figures are sculpted out of rice cereal.     A little extra… Continue Reading →

Kris and Ragena’s Wedding

University of Miami mascot, Sebastian the ibis, and his bride.  Figures are handcrafted out of gum paste.  Lucky for me, the feathers were on sale at Michael’s.     I made these guys out of gum paste.  The design was… Continue Reading →

Baby Gender Reveal Cake

Is it pink?  Is it blue?  The parents-to-be couldn’t wait to cut it open and find out if they were having a boy or a girl! The parents gave me the sealed envelope from their doctor with the ultrasound photo…. Continue Reading →

We-Survived-the-Mayan-Apocalypse Cake

Oreo cookie says not to worry, it’s all gonna be ok! 🙂 Dark chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream, draped in dark and white chocolate.  Oreo was one smart cookie. ::rimshot::

Vegan Engagement Cake

Vegan chocolate cake with chocolate coconut mousse filling, covered in chocolate ganache.  Oh, and a marzipan banner.  Omnomnomnom!

Bunny Cake

“Sweetie,” “Honey,” “Sugar…”  Diabetes-inducing pet names we bestow upon our nearest and dearest.  George and Lennon?  They have “Bunny.”  Therefor, Lennon’s 60th birthday needed a “bunny” cake. The flavor?  Carrot, of course!  George said 10 bunnies would be plenty, but… Continue Reading →

At the Copa! Copacabaaaanaaaaa…

Her name was Lola.  She was a show girl.  With yellow flowers in her hair, and…  Huh?  Oh, sorry. I’m sure you all know by now that when someone from my culinary school asks me to make them a cake,… Continue Reading →

Novemberfestoween? Yeah, there’s a cake for that.

What, you’ve never heard of Novemberfestoween??   It’s that wonderful time of year just after Halloween and Octoberfest, and before Thanksgiving.  It’s the perfect time for a party, before the more formal holiday obligations commence.  And as the name would… Continue Reading →

Dia de los Muertos Cake

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  This year, all of my creativity went into putting this cake together instead of into a costume.  (I’ll spare you all the bright orange pictures of me dressed up as a traffic cone…)… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m a bit backwards.  For my birthday, I am the one who brings cake to share with the people in my life.  Lucky recipients this year included my chiropractor, office, family, the HR department at Casino M8trix, and the folks… Continue Reading →

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