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How many ways can I say I’m sorry?

All too often, the ones we love the most are the ones who bear the brunt of our indiscretions. The last time I wrote to you, I went on and on about how much I wanted to build and maintain… Continue Reading →

We-Survived-the-Mayan-Apocalypse Cake

Oreo cookie says not to worry, it’s all gonna be ok! 🙂 Dark chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream, draped in dark and white chocolate.  Oreo was one smart cookie. ::rimshot::

Sam and Kasia’s Peacock inspired Wedding

Ever since the birthday cake I made for Sam’s mom, this bride and groom have had a particular fondness for my chocolate/almond/apricot cake.  This was to be the featured flavor of the cake for the cake cutting ceremony at their… Continue Reading →

Test Kitchen flavors, old and new

Chocolate cake with Lavender buttercream. This one was for a custom order and will be worked into the regular Mystery Box program! Elderflower: Grapefruit/Elderflower cake with Elderflower Mascarpone icing. This one is just about ready to graduate to the Menu!… Continue Reading →

Order in Chaos

When I was still working in theatre, I found that a surprising number of my actors were addicted to something called Sudoku. Like knitting, its portable, single-player nature is perfect for those long waiting periods in between cues during Tech… Continue Reading →

My love for you is Giant!

This is my 5th wedding. The first was exciting, but undocumented. The second was a labor of love. The third yielded many little ones. The fourth took a bit of coercing. And now, the fifth time around, I finally feel… Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Mayhem

I suppose I really ought to break down this “thingie drawer” post full of pictures into several more coherent slices of life. But I must say that I am quite content to stay busy enough that posting projects as they… Continue Reading →

Short and Sweet

In the interest of catching up with the backlog of pictures, I’ll keep my usual ruminations to a minimum this week as I present to you… 6 of 50 birthday cupcakes: Chocolate with chocolate buttercream, and red velvet with cream… Continue Reading →

Kate’s Baby Shower Cake

Piping is not my greatest strength. Because of this, I decided to push myself beyond my comfort zone a little bit and play with piping designs instead of defaulting to my regular boarder or rosettes on top. I think the… Continue Reading →

The “Famed” Dobos Torte

Actually, I had never heard of a Dobos Torte until last month, when a new client requested one for his birthday. Having worked in the library at the California Culinary Academy before I was a student there, he commented that… Continue Reading →

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