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Bunny Cake

“Sweetie,” “Honey,” “Sugar…”  Diabetes-inducing pet names we bestow upon our nearest and dearest.  George and Lennon?  They have “Bunny.”  Therefor, Lennon’s 60th birthday needed a “bunny” cake. The flavor?  Carrot, of course!  George said 10 bunnies would be plenty, but… Continue Reading →

Megan and Shad’s Wedding

The ceremony and reception were held at Sunnyside Conservatory in San Francisco.  Knowing quite well the unpleasantness that is driving in the city, delivering a fully assembled cake was simply not an option.  With a zero percent chance of having… Continue Reading →


On April 6, 2009 my journey began. It was a journey filled with new people, new rules, early morning hours, and plenty of pastry cream. It required dedication, teamwork, respect, clean uniforms, and an insatiable passion for building things out… Continue Reading →

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