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Test Kitchen flavors, old and new

Chocolate cake with Lavender buttercream. This one was for a custom order and will be worked into the regular Mystery Box program! Elderflower: Grapefruit/Elderflower cake with Elderflower Mascarpone icing. This one is just about ready to graduate to the Menu!… Continue Reading →

Test Kitchen Mystery Box: Week 4

The other “green” cupcake this month, The Grasshopper! The Grasshopper: Chocolate cake with minty buttercream (and a little bit of edible gold glitter and luster dust for additional leprechaun-friendly flare!) These were the first draft. Completely dissatisfied with the presentation,… Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a Perfectionist

**For those of you who are not fascinated by reading about someone else’s self-reflection and personal growth, feel free to skip down to the pictures. You’ve been warned;-) I’ve been very grateful for the past 5 days. They have kept… Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Mayhem

I suppose I really ought to break down this “thingie drawer” post full of pictures into several more coherent slices of life. But I must say that I am quite content to stay busy enough that posting projects as they… Continue Reading →

Test Kitchen Mystery Box, Week 1

Ok, I’m about a week and a half late with this one, but here’s the glamour shot of the first flavor of the Test Kitchen Mystery Box: Cinnamon cake with Dulce de Leche cream cheese frosting. Special thanks to my… Continue Reading →

CSB: Allison’s Test Kitchen Mystery Box

Imagine getting sweet treats in your CSA box… Kinda awesome, right?? We thought so, too! Cake Done Right is starting a “CSB” Community Supported Bakery subscription program! WHAT: Share them with friends, serve them at parties, or give a subscription… Continue Reading →

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