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Yes, I’m alive!  And still baking! 🙂  Barrage of photos and updates to follow soon!

It’s gonna be a Happy New Year!

Taking into account that I am a former theatre nerd, brownie points to anyone who can catch the title reference.  Aaaaand GO! My friend/mentor/womanofallworldlyknowledge Jeanie, has a tradition called the New Years Eve Eve party.  That’s the night *before* the… Continue Reading →

The Weekend of Fundraisers

Three orders, all due on a Saturday. I knew this production week was going to be full. The kind of full that forces you to schedule every minute of your day, without even 5 minutes of wiggle room. This is… Continue Reading →

Allison’s Adventures In the Twilight Saga: The San Jose Tech Museum’s Premiere Party!

Please check back:-) Pictures coming soon!!!

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