OMG, I need a cake! What’s the first step?!

An initial in-person consultation is required for all new clients. A consultation includes a 60-minute meeting with you and a guest to talk about pricing, flavors, design, and other general awesomeness. Click here to schedule a consultation. If you do not see an appointment time that works for you, contact us directly

How far in advance should I place my order?

Dates fill up quickly, especially during the peak of wedding season. Please plan to schedule your consultation at least 3 months in advance of your event (wedding or otherwise) during the months of March – September. Outside of this timeframe, consultations may be scheduled as little as 4 weeks in advance of your event date. Consultations scheduled less than 4 weeks in advance are considered last minute and orders will incur additional rush fees. All event dates are subject to availability. Please contact us directly to see if your event date is available!

Do you offer allergen-free options?

Thanks to classic French training, all of our flavors contain the usual suspects: Gluten, dairy, sugar, and eggs. Our cakes are manufactured on equipment that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, and soy. If you have severe allergy concerns, we recommend seeking out a designated allergen-free bakery.

I don’t like fondant… Do you offer buttercream cakes?

Yes, we do! But keep in mind that buttercream and fondant have very different capabilities. (If you send us a photo of an elaborate sculpted cake with lots of detail, odds are we won’t be able to recreate it in buttercream.) Talk to us about what you are looking for, and we’ll happily recommend the best medium for your art!

Do you offer other dessert items?

We specialize in sculpted, structured, and gravity-defying cakes, and also offer tiered cakes. Cupcakes might be available to accompany your Wedding cake order, but only if you ask the Cake Ninja reeeeeeally nicely and tell her she’s pretty. We do not offer other dessert table items (cake pops/balls, cookies, brownies, donuts etc.)

How much should I expect to pay for my cake?

Pricing begins at $500. Please contact us directly so that we may get a better idea of your cakey needs provide you with an estimate.

Where is your store?

Cake Done Right operates out of a private kitchen studio in Redwood City, California. Consultations and pickups are held at a nearby event planning company, the address for which will be provided upon receipt of payment for your consultation.

How far will you deliver and how much will it cost?

Where is your event? That’s where we want to go! Our farthest delivery to date is 165 miles away in Yosemite National Park.

Delivery charge is $2/mile, one-way from Redwood City, California. To save yourself this expense, you may pick up your cake that is 2 tiers or less, or under 12″ tall. (Talk about the dimensions of your order with the Cake Ninja during your consultation.)

I still have questions! How can I reach you?

Cake Done Right is a private studio in Redwood City. Please contact us by phone at 650.296.3641 or or use the contact form below to send us a message.