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Tuxedo Chocolate Orange Cake

People often ask me about my favorite flavor of cake. 11 out of 12 months of the year, anyone would be hard pressed to get a straight answer out of me.  I love ALL of my children flavors equally, and… Continue Reading →

“Just a simple cake”

Ok, I’m gonna be real with you right now. Like, embarrassingly real. The kind of real that makes me want to revoke my “Cake Ninja” status… I struggle with making “simple” designs.  I, literally, do not know how to think… Continue Reading →

The Life and Times of H. B. Penguin

I do my best work for the people I love.  (Surprise!  The secret ingredient really is love!)  And since my sweetie loves penguins, I wanted to honor his birthday with a cake shaped like a penguin with a balloon.  But… Continue Reading →

Green Chocolate

He’s more than a year overdue, but I’m hoping that since he’s got cake for brains, he’ll forgive the untimeliness of my post.  This fellow was a birthday cake for my very lucky and very loved partner, and it is… Continue Reading →

Return of the Ninja

I could go into a hundred reasons why I stopped posting here, but none of them are good reasons.  So instead of trying to justify it, I’m choosing to simply accept that it happened and move forward. There have been… Continue Reading →

Baby Gender Reveal Cake

Is it pink?  Is it blue?  The parents-to-be couldn’t wait to cut it open and find out if they were having a boy or a girl! The parents gave me the sealed envelope from their doctor with the ultrasound photo…. Continue Reading →

Bunny Cake

“Sweetie,” “Honey,” “Sugar…”  Diabetes-inducing pet names we bestow upon our nearest and dearest.  George and Lennon?  They have “Bunny.”  Therefor, Lennon’s 60th birthday needed a “bunny” cake. The flavor?  Carrot, of course!  George said 10 bunnies would be plenty, but… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m a bit backwards.  For my birthday, I am the one who brings cake to share with the people in my life.  Lucky recipients this year included my chiropractor, office, family, the HR department at Casino M8trix, and the folks… Continue Reading →

Wizard 101 Birthday Cake

I am not familiar with the game, but my heart simply began to melt as I was I constructing the charming, cartoon-like characters on this cake.   Gluten-free chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. Tiger Lily.  Broom Shroom. Fire Peas. I… Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras inspired Birthday Cake

It is time once again to play catch up on a backlog of photos!  The next few posts will be short, sweet, and filled with eye candy. 6″ personal sized pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. Sort of difficult to… Continue Reading →

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