On April 6, 2009 my journey began. It was a journey filled with new people, new rules, early morning hours, and plenty of pastry cream. It required dedication, teamwork, respect, clean uniforms, and an insatiable passion for building things out of delicious food.

I had left my previous career as a Stage Manager to pursue a different kind of new and exciting field. I joined the California Culinary Academy’s Patisserie and Baking program.

And now one year later, I am here to share with you the next chapter into my journey towards becoming a Pastry Chef: Starting my own business. Here in this blog, you will find pictures of each new project and the stories behind them as I begin to develop my own niche.

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Please enjoy your visit!

King Tut Cake
White cake with chocolate buttercream. Draped with fondant, painted with luster dust and liquid coloring.

Cheshire Cake
Chocolate cake vanilla buttercream. Draped in fondant.

Jeanie and Gordon’s
Princess Torte Wedding Cake
White chiffon cake, filled with raspberry jam, pastry cream and whipped cream. Draped with green marzipan. Topped with pink marzipan roses.

Alice in Wonderland Theme Cake
Chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream. Draped with white chocolate. Topped with modeling chocolate and pastillage figures.

Two-tiered cake
Chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream. Draped with fondant. Topped with royal icing piping and gum paste carnations and chrysanthemums.

Earl Grey Cake

Chocolate cake with Earl Grey essence, Earl Grey chocolate buttercream,
chocolate tea cup topper with whipped cream. Dusted with cocoa powder.

Carrot Cake

With walnuts and raisins, cream cheese frosting. Topped with marzipan carrots.

Mini Croquembouche

Pate a Choux tower wrapped with spun sugar, almond nougatine base, royal icing piping.

Strawberries and Cream Cake

White Chiffon cake, layered with strawberry jam and whipped cream.

Vanilla Cake

White cake with vanilla syrup, pastry cream filling, vanilla buttercream frosting. Topped with marzipan roses.

Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake

Dense chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam and chocolate buttercream. Topped white chocolate piping and milk chocolate shavings.

Coconut Cake

Coconut Chiffon cake filled with cocoanut whipped cream and iced with Italian meringue. Topped with fruit garnish and poppy seeds. Coconut flakes on bottom rim.

Opera Cake

White cake with coffee syrup and coffee buttercream. Topped with Chocolate ganache and white chocolate piping.

Honey Lemon Lavender Cake

White Chiffon cake with lavender syrup, lemon curd filling and honey sweetened whipped cream. Topped with royal icing.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Topped with chocolate and vanilla buttercream and dragees.

Black Forest Cake

Chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and Kirsch soaked cherries. Topped with cherries, chocolate cigarettes and jimmies.