Over the past two weeks, I have been fortunate enough to have 5 orders, 3 of which were due within 36 hours of each other this past weekend.

Here are the highlights!

10″ Bridal Shower Cake
White cake filled with whipped cream and strawberries.
Draped in fondant, painted with gold luster dust.

$75. Serves 12.

Fondant Roses

10″ Flourless Chocolate Decadence
With almond rim.

$75. Serves 10.

8″ Flourless Chocolate Decadence
With chocolate chips.

$50. Serves 10.

Edna base.

Edna the Dragon
(Mascot for Dragon Productions Theatre Company)

White cake with chocolate buttercream, draped in fondant, painted with coloring.

$250. Serves 40.

Edna close-up!

Eiffel Tower Base.
Here, we prepare for a long and twisty car ride over hwy 17 into Santa Cruz.
Structure up!

Eiffel Tower Cake

White cake with vanilla buttercream. Draped in fondant, buttercream piping.

$200. Serves 25.

Finishing touch!

The egg yolks leftover from all the whites I used for Edna and the Eiffel Tower fill a 1 quart container! Anyone have any recommendations as to what I should do with them??

The Eiffel Tower was composed of 3 tiers:
First tier = two 10″ rounds.
Second tier = two 8″ rounds.
Third tier = three 6″ rounds.

Edna was 1 tier composed of:
Two 10″ rounds (not pictured) and two 8″ rounds.

And now to catch up on some sleep…