Three orders, all due on a Saturday. I knew this production week was going to be full. The kind of full that forces you to schedule every minute of your day, without even 5 minutes of wiggle room. This is a daunting, but necessary task that allows me to ensure both the safety and quality of my product; two things which I will not compromise.
Never having had 3 large-scale projects all due on the same day, I had to be mindful of how much prep I needed to get done in advance, how long I could safely store each component, how much time I could spend assembling all of it, and the order in which each item would be delivered.
Delivery #1: These cakes were my donation to a Silent Auction earlier this Summer. They were delivered to a double birthday party for 5-year-old Sammy, and 70-year-old Tom!

10″ white cake with raspberry jam (1 of 2).

10″ chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream (2 of 2).

Picket fence!

Delivery #2: Two dozen pink cupcakes for an Avon Walk for Breast Cancer fundraiser at Caffé Sportivo in Redwood City.

White cake with raspberry buttercream and hand painted fondant logo topper.
(2 dozen for $60.)

The delivery also included 2 dozen cinnamon rolls (not pictured. $45)
Deliveryt #3: Petit four desserts for 125 people at a Fundraiser Dinner and Auction for City Lights Theatre Company in San Jose.
Petit fours desserts for 125 people. $300.

Profiteroles. (a.k.a. Cream Puffs)

Cream Cheese Brownie Bites

Lemon Meringue Tartlets

At the end of delivery day, I was proud of myself for pulling it off without panic, catastrophe, or even an uncomfortable time crunch. I had conquered Time Management! I finally started to feel like I might be able to do this somewhere other than my own kitchen:-)