My new job at Waterbar in San Francisco has blessed me with a Chef who understands that it is sometimes necessary to take on outside gigs in this industry. That being said, just because I had a 3-day weekend away from my job doesn’t mean I had 3 days off from work. But the work I do on my own time is very different from the work I do at the restaurant. So in essence, it still is a little bit like a weekend. Kinda… Maybe… Sorta…

This weekend yielded 2 birthday cakes:

12″ Almond cake with apricot filling, chocolate buttercream, draped with marzipan.
(Serves 40)

Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games.
(Serves 50.)

Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream, draped in fondant. Gum paste characters.

These precarious little figures were held together with a goodly amount of Gum Arabic. Kudos to the genius who discovered glue for food!
Already looking forward to next week’s wedding cupcake order:-) Pictures soon!