Before we get the ball rolling this week, I want to take a minute to thank my support system. Those of you who have been helping me pass out business cards, letting me invade your kitchen space, and assisting with the shameless word-of-mouth promotion, thank you!!! I could not do this without you:-)
Another crazy busy week, here at Cake Done Right, and I’m loving every minute of it! Let’s begin with last week’s premiere of the new Harry Potter movie. At 10pm on November 18th, the Tech Museum in San Jose opened their doors to 250 eager patrons for a night of fun, games, a midnight showing of the new movie, and of course, themed cupcakes.
Professional photos will be available soon, but for now, please enjoy my hastily taken point-and-shoot images!

The Expecto Patronum:
Chocolate cake with rich chocolate buttercream and fondant topper. The writing on the topper is royal icing painted with gold luster dust.

Sherbet Lemon:
Lemon cake with vanilla buttercream, filled with meyer lemon curd and topped with a Zots (the more readily available American version of the British candy, Sherbet Lemon.)

And the evening’s most popular flavor, Butterbeer:
Vanilla cake with brown butter icing, homemade butterscotch sauce, and a hard candy topper.

Let the damage begin!

Channel 2 news crew on stand by, ready to report on the scavenger hunt mayhem.


A special thanks to my awesome teachers and inspirationers at Patisserie Ganache in San Bruno for letting me borrow their huge oven for this huge project!
This next cake was for a friend from high school. It was super great to reconnect with Michelle for her panda birthday cake. She and her coworkers completely devoured it in an afternoon. I take it as a compliment:-) Photos of the carnage soon… if I can figure out how to get them off of facebook.

12″ chocolate cake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream, draped in fondant.
(Serves 30. $100.)

I love how anime his mouth looks, here!

Mmm bamboo noms!
Lastly, my toughest challenge for the week, another “no fondant” request. Let’s just say that trying to temper chocolate during the random November heat wave week was no small task.
This cake was for the client’s father’s 80th birthday celebration. She requested a 1930’s fire engine for the event.

Chocolate cake with mocha buttercream, draped in white chocolate, then airbrushed. Decorations are all white chocolate.
(Serves 10. $150)

…except for the wheels. Those are dark chocolate:-)

In spite of laying down a bunch of parchment beforehand, the airbrushing of this cake still managed to leave my white countertop pink from the mist of red color for several days.
Next up: Halloween Extended, or I Only Have Eyes For You!