For as far back as I can remember, chocolate oranges have been a part of my family’s holiday stocking stuffer tradition. (And we’re not even British!) It’s never officially Christmastime until I’ve smashed a dark chocolate orange against the table, floor, or other hard surface into its perfectly segmented pieces, and taken a giant bite out of one as if it were a real slice of orange. It is one of my favorite flavor combinations.
Recently, my mom came to me with a request for a baby shower cake for one of her coworkers, Sarah.
Sarah and the rest of the department staff are quite familiar with my food, as I have sent many test kitchen treats to work with Mom in the past. Upon her inquiry as to Sarah’s preference of flavor, Sarah reportedly answered something to the effect of, “If Allison is making it, I will like it.”
Luckily, “Chocolate” and “Seasonal” were also suggested, narrowing down the field of otherwise infinite possibility. Having recently been introduced to a recipe for Chocolate Orange Cream, I was itching for an excuse to make it again. Here was my perfect opportunity! Chocolate + Seasonal = Chocolate Orange Cake!

Chocolate cake with chocolate orange cream filling and white chocolate buttercream.

White chocolate shavings covered the outside of the 10″ cake.

Now, what to do with the leftovers?? Cupcakes, for easy distribution, of course!

These went to a friend in exchange for some Organic Farmer’s Market Freebies.
Next up, Further Seasonal Adventures: The Persimmon Kingdom, or Feeling Sheepish.