The great thing about hitting a brick wall, is that you REALLY don’t want to do it again.

(Really inspirational there, Allison.) Hang on, just hear me out…

When the universe finds ways to tell us that we are not where we belong, sometimes it hurts. (Hence the brick wall metaphore.) Some of us figure, “Maybe it was a mistake. This wall can’t really be right in front of me. It’s only an illusion.” We keep running into it believing that if we crash into it with enough force, it will crumble before us, allowing us to reach that place where we think we belong. Others of us think, “Ok, that really $#!*ing hurt. Let’s not try that again.”

I am a mix between the two. I will start by crashing into the wall head first. Ouch. Then I will try to climb the wall. My grappling hook breaks. Pole vaulting over it. Nope, the wall is too tall. Jackhammer? Too heavy for me to lift.

Eventually, the truth finally makes its way through my thick skull, and I realize that I’m not supposed to be here. “Turn around, and go another way,” my brain says. And finally, I listen.

“Chef Allison, you bake to the beat of your own drum,” is the single, truest statement any of my CCA instructors has ever said to me. “Story of my life, Chef Nick,” I replied.

My drum works for me and my business. It is what keeps me going, learning, seeking new opportunities that do not involve smashing myself into the same brick wall over and over again. It is part of who I am.

And so goodbye, Wall. I’ll miss your challanges, but not the agony of trying to achieve the unattainable.

Let the wind cary me where I need to go.

The Test Kitchen is calling me:-)