It’s been a while since I’ve gotten this worked up over a cake. And by “worked up” I mean excited about how much detail I allowed myself to put into it. More times that I would care to admit, I have been told by superiors that I need to work faster. (Of course, I’m not usually re-creating a ’57 Cadillac convertible.) It’s not often I am afforded the luxury of taking my sweet time to recreate such detailed craftsmanship.
Making this cake was a seriously intense experience. I spent many hours at the kitchen table, hunched over this cake, gumpaste and paintbrush in hand, with love and excitement evaporating off me. When I get to take my time and really get down to the nitty gritty details of a cake is when I am the happiest. It’s how I know a cake is going to be one of The Greats like the iPhone and King Tut.
And what’s even more validating is having someone who had never seen my work before in this much detail say to me, “You can’t rush this. That would ruin it!”

The body.

Airbrushed fondant.

Chrome details and windshield.

Windshield details.

Little bitty Edna.

Little bitty steering wheel.

Madonna-esque tail lights.

“Edna’s ride,” because every pink Caddy needs a vanity plate.

My favorite detail: The wheels are actually in the wheel wells.
There were cell phone pictures all over Facebook before the party was even over! It is my hope that this is the new birthday cake Meredith will be talking about for years to come.