I suppose I really ought to break down this “thingie drawer” post full of pictures into several more coherent slices of life. But I must say that I am quite content to stay busy enough that posting projects as they occur is not logistically feasible:-)
My biggest flattery is when my mentors from school commission me for their own events! Vanilla chiffon cake with vanilla bean buttercream. Marzipan roses.
A little home side project: Peanut macaroons with chocolate buttercream.
Another home side project for a friend who had recently completed the California BAR exam. Chai Spice truffles! With a little extra love from the gold luster dust:-)
Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat: Another fondant-free adventure!
Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream and fresh raspberries. Airbrushed stripes. Marzipan features.

Cream cheese swirl brownies before the oven. No “After” picture available, but I love these swirls!

Chef Tim’s Ginger Not-so-Snap Cookies. Soft, chewy, delicious!

Earl Grey cupcake with lemon buttercream.
“Earl.” You know, like “Sacher.” Except that my name is not “Earl.”

This week’s Test Kitchen Mystery Box contestant–
The Irish Car Bomb Cupcake! Malt syrup cake with Irish Cream and Whisky buttercream.

Another Test Kitchen adventure– The UN-Red Velvet cake.
Friends of the Red Velvet cake, trust me here… Omit the food coloring from the batter and it tastes SO much better!

Coming soon: This ol’ Baker Had a Farm, and My love for you is Giant!