Since Harry Potter cupcakes are a frequently requested item here, I figured it was time to do a bit more flavor development in his favor.

This one is presently black vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, airbrushed black. Its next incarnation is going to be something more pungent, possibly anise and orange. One bite of these and you’ll look like a pen chewer!

Black cocoa cake with white pepper/cardamom chocolate cream filling. The chocolate buttercream frosting has chocolate graham cracker mixed into it for an additional muddy texture. One of the most popular test kitchen flavors so far.

Balsamic black pepper cake with balsamic strawberry icing. Still working on the potency of the flavors, but definitely a delicious flavor combination!

Butter Beer:
In keeping with the Harry Potter theme, this one is not part of the test kitchen. It has already graduated and is available for order! Vanilla cake with brown butter icing and homemade butterscotch sauce.

Coconut Basil:
Coconut cake with basil creme chantilly. Not inspired by Harry Potter, but a drink I enjoyed at Pho 69 in San Jose.