Chocolate cake with Lavender buttercream.
This one was for a custom order and will be worked into the regular Mystery Box program!

Grapefruit/Elderflower cake with Elderflower Mascarpone icing.
This one is just about ready to graduate to the Menu!

Cracker Jack:
What better way to celebrate baseball season than with peanut butter cake and salted caramel icing? This this up and coming Summer flavor is the next best thing to a box of the original!

Mexican Hot Chocolate cake and buttercream.
I fed the first draft of these to some regulars at a local karaoke bar. They descended upon them like a flock of hungry vultures! These too will be worked into the regular Mystery Box circuit.

Banana’s Foster:
Banana cake with rum buttercream and caramelized bananas.
These were the first draft of what is now the Harry Potter Banana flavor:-) Hooray for graduates!