It’s a little known fact that Cake Done Right does more than just cake. Cake is my specialty, but I also do pies, tarts, mousses, ice creams… You name it, I find a way to make it happen. This came in handy when I met my friends and recent wedding clients Szonja and David. I had been strongly recommended to them by a mutual friend, for whom I have made many a cake.
Under pressure of tradition to have cake, Szonja explained that she and David “aren’t really cake people.” Since it was their wedding, I asked, “What do *you* want for dessert?” Turns out they are big fans of chocolate. Lovely! Couldn there also be a non-chocolate option for those at the wedding who are allergic? Absolutely! We went with chocolate mousse cups and fresh fruit tartlets.

300 mini butter tartlet shells ready to be lined with white chocolate.

Chocolate Mousse in chocolate shells.

Finished fruit tartlets.

Matching decor on the fireplace mantel. Oh yeah, I totally planned this…

The wedding was held at a private estate in Palo Alto, with stunning grounds.

The spread.
I didn’t get to see the venue before the wedding, so I had no idea just how GRAND the room for the desserts was going to be!
So sweet!

Happy Bride and guest!
The end.