When I was a kid, pretty things were defined by how many colors they boasted. Some of you may remember a line of Lisa Frank school supplies which catered to this trend among school-aged girls… Backpacks, pencils, folders, notebooks etc. They all had an insane amount of Rainbow designed into them. It didn’t make much artistic sense, except that it appealed to most 10 year-old girls and their affinity for all things rainbow colored.

When I was asked to make a “Neon Rainbow Dolphin cake” for a pair of young girls (ages 10 and 13 years old,) my mind immediately went to my old Lisa Frank gear for inspiration.

White cake with cream cheese frosting. A fondant-free adventure with my trusty airbrush!

Up close and personal with the Jackson Pollock effect.

Dolphin, Lisa Frank-Pollock, before her ocular surgery.

The girls specially requested a mochi eye. Here she is post-op!
Next up, a bit of tradition.