The ceremony and reception were held at Sunnyside Conservatory in San Francisco.  Knowing quite well the unpleasantness that is driving in the city, delivering a fully assembled cake was simply not an option.  With a zero percent chance of having a delivery run free of tight turns, rude motorists, and oh yes, hills…  I decided that assembling the cake on site would be the best way to go.
Upon arrival, I discovered that I could bring my components to the cake table one of two ways: From the back of the venue traversing down three flights of concrete stairs, or in the front, where I had the luxury of a ramp, but no cart available to assist with the schlepping, and would have to double park while I unloaded the car.  I opted for the safer route and took the ramp.
Since there was nowhere to stash the cake before the ceremony room was turned over for the reception, I was unable to deliver it before the guests had arrived.  Combine this with the intimate size of the venue, and walking through a crowd of guests became completely unavoidable.  
Not only did the guests all notice my arrival with cake supplies, many of them opted to cram into the small area which housed the cake table, to watch me work.  Among the crowd were two young girls who took particular fascination with the process.  They helped me pick the perfect spots to place the fresh roses.
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and fresh roses.
My flower placement consultants.