Ever since the birthday cake I made for Sam’s mom, this bride and groom have had a particular fondness for my chocolate/almond/apricot cake.  This was to be the featured flavor of the cake for the cake cutting ceremony at their otherwise cupcake wedding.  
This cake was covered with marzipan.

The details were also marzipan.
Gold luster dust somehow seems to make its way into every project. 

Sort of reminds me of the balloons from the movie Up!

Love this.
I’ve always had mixed feeling about cupcakes.  While I’ve always understood that they are easier to deal with on the receiving end, (easier service and clean up,) they are a great deal more work for me.  It was not until I had attended Sam and Kasia’s wedding that I got to experience the joy of being a guest at a cupcake wedding: They are very appealing to the eye, it’s easy to serve yourself, and if there are leftovers, it’s understood that you may go back for seconds!  It’s also much easier to walk around and mingle with a cupcake in your hand, than with a plate and fork.

Flavors (L-R): Almond Chocolate Apricot, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Bananas Foster, Rainbow Sherbet.