As endearing as this sentiment may have (at one point) been from lover to lover, parent to child, or crazy cat lady to her furry companions…  I simply cannot hear, read, or write the rest of that phrase one more time.   I cannot do it, you guys!  It is overused to the point where the words no longer hold their meaning.  It has become unoriginal.  Contrived.  Hollow.  Tired.  Boring.  

For the love of all things squishy, please find a new way to express affection for each other!!!

Despite my general irritation with anything trendy, I do appreciate a good classic.  Think of classic cars, classic movies, classic books, or classic songs.  What makes them so good?  For something to become a classic, the intrigue it provides needs to be able to withstand the test of time.Let’s take flowers on a wedding cake, for example.  There is a reason this look has been around for so long.  I mean, have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, flowers on a cake?  That’s SO passé.”  Flowers come from nature.  Nature has been around longer than any of us, and will always be relevant to our existence.  

I pull a lot of my inspiration from nature.  One of my greatest sources of inspiration is space.  The asymmetry of what little we do know, compared with the immeasurable vastness of what we don’t, is a recurring theme in my life.  Not to mention, a nighttime sky is pretty damn gorgeous all by itself.

If you’ve never been in an open space, in the middle of nowhere, free from any kind of light pollution, and seen the dusty splash of a million shades of possibility, get in your car and start driving.  

Go ahead, I’ll wait right here… 🙂

The distance between Earth and the moon is a finite. Granted, there may be variations depending on the phase of our respective orbits, but for the most part, we know how far away the moon is from us: 230,100 miles.  That’s roughly the same number of miles I’ve put on my Camry since 2002.  Double that for a round-trip, and you’ve got 460,200 miles.  To cover the same amount of distance, you could make approximately 18,408 trips around the Earth, 1.6 trips around Jupiter, or .16 of one trip around our sun.  Now, you could just stop there, but there’s so much farther you could go!  Space is infinite.

For this project, I collaborated with my very talented friend, Beth, of Sassy Diva Designs and Events.  I love working with this woman.  We share an appreciation for bold colors and dramatic designs with a sense of whimsy. (Wait, what now?)  Go check her out.  You’re welcome.

The theme was inspired by a baby shower for one of Beth’s clients:  Moons and stars…  (And nary once was the tired phrase ever mentioned!)  Since I didn’t know the parents-to-be personally, I didn’t want to overwhelm them a bunch of science for their baby shower, but I wanted to give them more than the standard pastel palate typically associated with events like these.  I wanted to give them the magic of a million shades of possibility.