It’s no secret that unicorns are all the rage right now. Everywhere you look, there’s an excuse to make something rainbow colored and sparkly. From cakes and beverages, to bed sheets and pajamas, it’s nearly impossible to escape the entourage of all things bright and nostalgic. But can you blame people for wanting to immerse themselves in things that bring them to the fantasy world of their youth? The place where anything was possible, and imaginary friends were the best kind? If you’re one of those unicorn haters, well then I’m sorry… You’re not allowed in my pillow fort, and you can’t have any cake.

So there!

Cake Done Right - Sculpted Unicorn Cake full body climbing grey background - Happy Birthday - WM

unicorn profile Cake Done Right - Sculpted Unicorn Cake shy shadow

Granted, most of us have since learned to make new friends in real life. Navigating this ridiculous state of being called “adulthood” is definitely easier with IRL friends. However, it’s also nice to take a trip back to childhood and visit those imaginary friends and archived pieces of ourselves we once held so dear. And what more perfect occasion to do so than a unicorn-themed birthday for a 6 year old princess?

I was going for a bespeckled-hill-of-flowers look. My own nod to Monet. This bit is also cake.

“Seems to me that you live your life like a tail in the wind…” Ok, that was truly awful. Shame on me. But at least the tail is pretty and sparkly!

“I am the most magnificent horse in the universe!” – Starlight, Rainbow Brite

Inspired by the famous Rainbow Pegacorn cake of Art2Eat Cakes, I dared to take a trip down memory lane to the land of Rainbow Brite and Lisa Frank. I used the Sugar Geek Show’s Baby Pegasus tutorial to help me get through this project. It was the perfect inaugural piece for breaking in my new kitchen space.

I even had the foresight to make you guys a time lapse video!


And because unicorns require glitter, I took this rare occasion to add a light sprinkling of disco dust to the mane and tail. While disco dust is not technically a food product, the clients would not be serving these parts of the unicorn since they were mostly made of structure and not of cake.

Cake Done Right - Sculpted Unicorn Cake outdoor headshot with greenery - WM

Enter requisite carnage pics!!!

Olivia unicorn cake carnage

The happiest birthday girl!

They wanted to see if the unicorn would fall. It didn’t. Because they hired the Cake Ninja!

What unicorn projects have you been working on? Leave a comment below and show off your colorful, glittery glory!