San Francisco City Hall wedding cake gives a timelessly elegant aethetic
Couldn’t have matched the color of this ribbon to the venue any better if I tried!

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that simple designs are difficult for me. But this client knew exactly what she wanted, and boy did she ask for precisely the right look! This cake turned out to be a dark horse with the way its timeless elegance blended so seamlessly with the lavish complexity of the Rotunda at San Francisco City Hall. I had never been inside the venue, so it was particularly delightful to see such an exquisite pairing of cake and venue for the finished result.

Cake Done Right towers proudly in the Rotunda at San Francisco City Hall
Ok for real… Ignore the cake for a moment and LOOK at that ARCHITECTURE!!!
A wedding Cake Done Right with Ribbon and bow at San Francisco City Hall
The grandest of staircases. ::Swoon::
Cake Done Right with taupe ribbon bow wedding cake. at San Francisco City Hall.
Studio shot.

It is rare that I am able to accommodate last-minute orders, but I love making it happen when I can.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, Simran and TJ!